Sunday 19 December 2010

A Nightmare before Christmas

Hi everyone,
So sorry I have been awol for a while. I don't have a card to share with you today but just thought I'd let you know why I haven't been about.
Well it all started last Saturday morning, I arrived at the shop at 8.15 to find that my workshop had been flooded due to thawing ice and snow running off the flat roof of the property behind mine, running down the walkway and straight under my workshop door! Well I had a class due to start at 10am and as my wonderful ladies arrived to begin crafting they were met by total chaos. I could not have asked more as they all set to work trying to save stock and sweep water away, unfortunately just as we all felt that a class may be possible with cardboard under our feet the water started again but this time with much more force as the pipes had now burst and the water was rushing in. One customer raced to get me sandbags and eventually the stopcock was found and the water turned off.
However, the drama did not stop there and as they say things come in three's. The phone rang and mum took the call and as she passed me the phone I knew something was up! A voice said "I am so sorry darling I am laying on a car park floor in Lincoln and I think I've broken my ankle" The voice belonged to my husband who had slipped on the ice and actually broken his ankle and his leg and needed surgery to pin him back together.
I trust you understand that crafting has not been my main priority and I will be taking a little break from my DT commitments. I will try and post some projects that I haven't yet shared with you as soon as I get a spare few minutes.
I would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.


  1. Oh Clare! Hope your hubby's doing alright and the shop's ok! Your're right though, these things happen in threes!!
    Take care.

  2. Dear Clare,

    I wish you ALL the best!!!
    Take care and dont worry too much,


  3. oh clare hun i am so sorry to hear about hubby's fall, hope he is recovring ok, and the shop too sending huge hugs your way hun xxxxxxxx

  4. Oh Clare I'm so so sorry to hear you news hun, please let things get better and quickly. Going to try and get a trip over early next week. Thinking of you sending EXTRA BIG HUGS Fi xx

  5. Hope your DH is doing better and your shop is dried out. Sounds like you really need a {Hug}!!! Take care and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. oh Clare what a time you have had just read about your mishaps hope all is getting sorted and hubby is on the mend will keep you close in prayer love and hugsxx


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